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Kate McGovern: Life Coaching

As your coach, I'll help you identify and pursue your dreams, by giving you the support and encouragement you need, with healthy accountability that keeps that forward momentum.

Kate will help you set and achieve your personal, leadership and marriage goals.

What is life coaching?

Coaching is a series of authentic, intentional conversations that bring clarity and awareness, empowering a person or a group to fully live out their full potential and calling in life. A coach should become a close confidant during this process of self evaluation, asking ourselves the tough questions that help us to bring better focus, perspective and greater confidence to our daily lives.

Often times, our greatest barriers are the ones we build ourselves. By removing the barriers that hold you back you’ll be able to grow in leaps and bounds into the person that you were designed to be.

What is Prophetic life coaching?

Prophecy is inspired words from the heart of God for edification, exhortation and comfort. God is a revealer of truth, and His plans for you carry hope for your future.

Prophetic life coaching is encouraging you to live the most fulfilling life by engaging with God through revelatory insights and words from the heart of God, inspiration of scriptures, and prayer.

Certified Life and Leadership Coach

I attended the Jennie Turton Christian Coaching School and Life forming Leadership Institute became a certified life and leadership coach. I have over twenty years of experience speaking at conferences and leading groups of men and women to grow in their faith, work lives and personal lives. I host the TBN Community News Show and am a proud member of several charitable organizations. For a list of other certifications and more information on organizations I’m involved in, see below. 
  • Intelligent Behaviors Certified and motivational gifting assessment
  • Licensed for The Dream Fire Experience workshops
  • Conversational Intelligence Facilitator 
  • Pre-marital and Marriage Coaching SYMBUS assessment
  • TBN Community News Show Host
  • Practical Ministry Certified
  • Member of International Coach Federation and the Christian Coaches Network 
  • Real Talk Licensed on Transformational Converstaions
  • Strength -based Coaching trained by Creative Management Results
  • Catalyst Mastermind Group with Kim Avery Catalyst Mastermind Group
  • Board member of Wells4Wellness, an international organization bringing water and wells to Niger, Africa. 
  • Women on the Front-lines Ministry (WIMN) member

"Discover You" Package

3 Month Package

Each month,for 3 months ,we will have three calls together. We will begin to explore new perspectives, celebrate your unique design, and discover your passion. Wheel of Life tool.

This package includes:

Get Unstuck
Ready for growth
Identity, giftings, skills
Identify the obstacles
Creating awareness and new perspectives
Goal Setting/Action Steps
Weekly Support, Encouragement, and Accountability ("SEA) Emails

Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation!

"Do Your Dream" Package

6 Month Package

Each month, for 6 months, we will have three calls together, which includes a motivational gifting assessment and full interpretation.
Coaching tools, what do I want to be, who do I want to serve. Lifeforming Tools for Life Purpose.

This package includes:

​​Identity and Giftings
Acquire Vision and Direction
Gain Clarity and Confidence
Discover Passion and Purpose​
Identify Mindsets and Obstacles
Identify the Dream Busters
Launch Your Dream
Strategic Planning
Goal Setting/Action steps
Weekly support, Encouragement, and Accountability ("SEA") Emails

Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation!



“My mother gave me the gift of life coaching sessions with Kate... what a true gift that was! My sessions with Kate were an amazing experience. Kate has a way of touching your soul and helping you speak from the heart. As a young women, newly married and just starting a family there are many situations and questions I had about how to handle different obstacles life through my way and about life in general. Kate helped me invite God into our sessions, made me feel at peace, and gave me wonderful guidance. I would leave every session feeling refreshed and most of all blessed from the things I was learning through God and my experience with Kate. She is truly amazing and I would recommend her to anyone!”

“Working with Kate McGovern is a breath of fresh air. She has one of the kindest and most giving hearts I have ever experienced. Love, compassion and concern simply illuminates from her words . As a life coach she is a life-giver to places of the soul that have been bruised and broken. I love her ability to move from practical coaching on how to launch a business to inner healing that transforms​ a soul. She has a inner eye to see where the hurt resides and an inner love to give that dissolves a wound. Kate is a great life coach and I am a better person because I have been coached by her.”