Kate McGovern Life & Leadership Coaching Services

Kate will help you set and achieve your personal, business and marriage goals by providing you with unparalelled life and leadership coaching services. The goal is quite simple, provide you with guidance to see, release and grow the inner conqueror that you are!

​I know that "stuck" feeling.
I was there.

It was only a few years ago that I was that lady in the jar, feeling "stuck", frustrated, overwhelmed , stressed out and without purpose or vision. I was desperately searching for a way to take the lid off and return to the joy of being me.

Are You Ready to Get Moving From:

Self Doubt, Excuses, Fears and Feeling Stuck
Lack of Vision, Passion or Purpose
Shatter Low Self Image and Esteem
Lacking Confidence and Clarity
Conquer Mindsets and Obstacles that are limiting You
Struggling to find Meaning, Purpose and Passion in Your Life
Wanting a Strategic Plan for Growth
Needing More Balance and Margin in Life

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Let's Move Forward Together...

How many times have you felt the rut of a routine,? Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Or you feel like you’re doing everything right, but you can’t seem to move forward. What's really holding you back? Fear, anxiety, worry, doubt? Don't let yesterday rob of you of your tomorrows! Dare to dream again and move forward!

  • You can know your Identity
  • You Discover Your Purpose
  • You can Embrace and live your passion
  • You can get your Breakthrough from fears and mindsets
  • You can gain clarity and confidence for your life 
  • You can Create Strategies for business success
  • You can find your real voice
  • You can remove Self doubt to becoming the confident successful you
  • You can Build trust in leadership and relationships
  • You can have Healthy marriages
  • You can have Life Balance, margin and flow

What Kate's Clients have to Say!

“I had come to a point in my life where I lacked focus , drive and clarity, i felt like i was trudging through daily tasks but it did not mean anything, i was spinning my wheels in mud so to speak. My coaching with Kate, I was able to see beyond, began feeding my spirit and soul on what God says about me, reminding me of who I am in Him. Through coaching my purpose through self-discovery was revealed and it helped me focus and start living life with intention again. As a business owner constantly moving in a million directions, Kate helped me channel my gifts and talents in a more productive manner and on a path of levelheadedness, calm and faith while I continue His plan for my life.”

“I have had a year full of transformation. A mile marker for me was my life coaching sessions with Kate. They truly taught me how to bring joy, love and hope back into my life by charging my spiritual life with thoughtful guidance. Her keen observation and hands on measures were right on. Kate is a friend, teacher and an angel on earth...her gifts are boundless because she is guided by our Savior. She can help change your life too.”


Make the Most out of Life by Living with the Confidence that has been Given to You!

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