What are the Real Life Results Kate's clients are experiencing through coaching...

> My clients experience the power of breaking through old thought patterns of fear and self sabotage that have kept them in a stuck place. The breakthrough of mindsets brings forth paradigm shifts and new perspectives that brings forth new realities and opportunities in life.

> My clients experience clarity and increase in their confidence and increase in self awareness and self esteem in past and present situations in life. They feel lighter and more joyful, they begin to have more meaningful conversations that build new relationships and greater success in every area of personal life, career and ministry.

> My clients often share how empowered they feel as they set personal boundaries, it strengthens their personal connection with God and others. They begin to live their true desires of their heart, their dreams come alive and vision for life becomes clear again. Passion and purpose begin to align with the core values inside and stepping into the new takes place, they now have energy for change by taking personal responsibility.

> My clients most of all learn that God has placed rich treasures of gold on the inside of them that are drawn out by the Holy Spirit through the coaching journey, that empowers them to navigate the with grace the challenges they may face with the freedom and growth they receive to walk into and see all the opportunities that God has surrounding them.

> They experience hope that brings forth joy and a love and zeal for life through the transformation they have received to embrace the freedom being a catalyst for impact and influence in every area of life for success.

> My clients create the shift by choosing strategic action steps for them and taking responsibility that brings confidence and clarity for life purpose, ministry, career, and relationships and enjoy the freedom of really becoming the successful confident You!

Video Testimonial

Sally shares her heart and experience with Kate McGovern on the breakthrough she received during her time with Kate.


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